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Our newly renovated restaurant is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the highest quality of food and service in the industry, period!

About Us

We are an old school burger shop started over 30 years ago by our founder, Stan Dimakos and his family. He had a simple mantra, “It’s all about the food”. To this day we strive to source and prepare our burgers and entire menu with the highest quality of ingredients. 

Stan says, “When I launched Champ Burger at 17 years old, my dream was to improve the burger experience. Back in 1992, it was hard to get a great burger unless you made it yourself. Most restaurants offered these scraggly patties, hardly presentable, let alone edible. We continually improved our recipe and formula, and today we are serving our 5th generation of champ burger.”

About the Burgers


Champ Burger

The original burger we built our restaurants on, ground chuck, made like your grandma taught you to make a burger. Salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. 90/10 beef to fat ratio, a very lean burger.

Prime Champ Burger

Pure prime rib, coarsely ground, with added salt. Nothing else added. If you want more of a beefy flavour that isn’t overpowering, this is your burger. 90/10 beef to fat ratio. Gluten-free

Angus Champ
All the rage in every chef’s kitchen, this is the beefy, slightly fattier cut that is the burger lover’s fallback burger. 100% pure angus beef with added salt. 75/25 beef to fat ratio. Ordering it medium gets max juiciness and flavour.
Wagyu Champ

Locally raised from 30km away, this Canadian wagyu is a delicacy for the burger aficionado, and the curious alike. 50/50 beef to fat, quickly seared on our double sided griddled to lock in the flavour and juiciness.

Meet Our Founder

Stan Dimakos, Founder

Stan has always been fascinated by food and the restaurant business. With the help of his family, he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a restauranteur.

He launched Champ Burger over 30 years ago in Primrose, a little community near Shelburne, ON.

With the immense efforts of his wonderful team they have expanding into new locations in Alliston and Markdale ON.

Champ Burger - Stan Dimakos

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